Since 2000, XYZ Custom has used digital machinery and CAD design/production software to deliver premium-quality, cost-effective, on-time fabrication... no matter what your specified material or requirement.

Custom Engineering and Fabrication for:

  • Trade Show Displays
  • Retail Environments
  • Commercial & Residential Cabinetry
  • Museum Displays
  • Prototypes
  • Quantity Production Runs
  • Furniture and Architectural Fixtures

XYZ Custom, Inc.
1213 Galveston Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15233

  • Bally Exhibit: Heinz Innovation Center Timeline Display

  • Children's Museum of Pittsburgh: Various Hands-On Displays

  • Heinz History Center: Civil War Display

  • Heinz History Center: Stars and Stripes Display

  • Meadowcroft: Pittsburgh International Airport Display

  • Liz Murphy Design: Custom Bathroom

  • Heinz History Center: Ben Franklin Display

  • Heinz History Center: Rodman Cannon Base

  • Residential: Custom Cherry Office

  • Liz Murphy Design: Custom Closet

  • Elias-Savion Advertising: Pittsburgh International Airport Shopping Bag Displays

  • Hatch-MDS, Inc.: Highmark Retail Interiors

  • Peter Perkins Custom Homes: Kitchen and Media Room

  • Central Catholic High School: Trophy Display Area

  • Heinz History Center: Slavery Exhibit Entrance Shackle

  • Czarnowski Display Services: Pittsburgh Pirates Display Case

  • Kitchen & Bath Concepts: Custom Vanity

  • Wellie Interiors: Side Table

  • Various Custom Trade Show Displays

  • Wellie Interiors: Wine Cellar

  • Wellie Interiors: Walnut Dining Room Table and Chairs

  • The EX ONE Company: Multiple Dealer Displays

  • Bally Exhibit: Heinz Innovation Center Ketchup Bottle Display